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The Problem with Value Of Games – A follow up response

This is in response to a blog written by a friend check it out first:

Below is my response to why game development has reached this point and why sometimes developers have to bite the bullet, not go for the money rather aim for the play.

The problem is that as a market it is reaching saturation point, it is not like several years ago where game development was to those who could a) afford b) understand game development. Engines like Unity have allowed ALOT more developers to enter and once supply reaches higher than demand per title price reduction trends occur. Also reputation matters, the trust people have to have in a game MUST be high and to gain trust is to build reputation which often means giving away a free version or reduced price early versions of a previous title to allow future ones to gain the rep to be able to sell at higher rate. Yes developers need to eat currently understanding this myself too however sometimes the distribution is worth more than the profit, getting people to play your game should be priority NOT financial gain. Art typically only reaches such value due to rep itself, yes skill comes into act but with so many more people now able to produce titles its has and will continue for at least a while lead to a barrage of poor titles or low pricing strategies.

Here is a related video from the Co-Optional Pod-cast:

Project Sense – The BIG(ish) Update

As part of my final year dissertation study I am exploring the social awareness and need for Inclusive designed and minded games by creating a video game which strives to not just emulate real world conditions both neurological and physiological, but rather raise awareness that titular avatar and narratives should not be so scared to touch the subject.

To some degree Project Sense is serving as a test-bed for my larger game LIfE by the fact it operates at its core in a similar manner however as of today (roughly an hour ago) the game now utilises a brand new plugin for UDK known as the Adventure kit ( this will allow for some more dynamic interactions and if successful will be used in LIfE to breath more well life into the universe. At the moment Sense is still being constructed and due to the modular nature of it (loading each segment as a different level alongside some randomness) core game-play is still being worked upon.

One puzzle I would like to talk about today however is the one I am simply calling the block parable. You enter a room and are greeted with a set of instructions and patterns, match the pattern to right door to proceed to then collect ‘totems’ to then place in a particular order not revealed. The idea is to test cognitive functions whilst the game itself is going to try and work against you by essentially sending mixed signals, this is to try and represent the confusion and strain people with conditions such as dyslexia can face with cognitive understanding in both direction and order following overall.

The hope is to have the game finished by the end of the month and available to download for free with the option of those who downloaded it to take part in a study to give me more data results to work from. No screenshots for now but will appear as and when on my twitter feed:

Workloads = Not Fun but is for greater GOOD

As I enter my final months of University my workloads are only increasing as such I need to focus on getting a job and getting my final assignments done this is going to mean a lull in activity regarding development. This however is NOT a bad thing as it will mean once all work is done development will progress VERY rapidly no most of the mechanics are already done and working.

I will still strive to develop as and when and post new blog posts as and when I am free and inspired.

MARCH!! Forward Update

Stephen Fisher - Designer and Developer
So it is now March and my workload does not seem to be reducing the urgent need to find a job is still ongoing and game development has had to take a slight side step as I have shed loads of university work to catch-up with and actually do. I have realised I have not blogged for an age and this is unacceptable as such returned and gave the site a slight revamp with some new Augmented features coming in near future alongside a portfolio of work.

Some of you may know I am currently involved in trying / exploring the idea of setting up a small self-run company to produce and create media marketable campaigns and projects with a networking event taking place next week. Going to try to get some photos of event and some decent contacts, I have slowly become swamped and I hate this and twitter and YouTube have become my forms of escapism. My ill feelings regarding the world recently have become more pronounced with the hypocrisy and somewhat questionable actions of the proceedings around me being an entertaining watch. I have tried to take part in a game jam earlier this month but sods law have it I had to sort out a matter of urgency then feel ill meaning had to give up on the Jam despite getting some Unity stuff in place.

In regards to this blog site expect some changes and new format to posts and proceedings as will try and get some form of scheduled order and maybe even some game review / opinions written down as soon as possible. I still want to work in the interactive media market but getting a cornerstone is proving harder than predicted and there are only so many hours in a day.

March the month of hard work is ago!