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Drop into a world were your actions will decide the story you are told, you start off on an island  where you can decide its fate – Nurture the soil or churn it up, solve puzzles, complete quests and take part in the meta online social game with transmedia goodies. Each object has a meaning and some will open up new levels/stories with different themes and such.

Global Game Jam 2014 Version

Made in 24 hours due to a file corruption issue and deeply lacking in features it serves more of a taster and DOES not reflect the desired end outcome. There is a game mode issue in this version whereby the IDOLS wont follow you as desired. IF you really want to try it out you can but its very lacking in that build version.

Download Links (26/01/14 – GGJ14 Version)

Dropbox Link Version 001A

 Google Drive Link Version 001A


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