Stephen Fisher - Designer and Developer Stephen Fisher - Designer and Developer

3llipse is born


Those who have known me for years may know that I occasionally like to alias myself as Ellipse3, for some reason and that I have been heading up a gaming collaboration channel for the last year or so. Well more recently I have also been developing two games with an expected mid-late 2014 launch bracket as such the need for some form of individual identity has grown. As a now semi avid twitter user I have found it rather restricting posting tweets as GCollab as it sometimes does not relate to the channels/ groups purpose as such decided to kinda re-brand myself… sorta. Therefore a simple and semi multi reason logo and name has been created. The logo which also resembles film *wink wink eagle eyed spotters* is my way of showing this is me and this is what I have made.

Both LIfE and Suspicion are developing nicely considering I also have university commitments at present and looking to a mid-late 2014 launch, more updates and videos coming as soon as possible.

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