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Find me a PC – Ponderings

So the university are currently looking into an on-line tool to help students and lecturers find available PC’s and Mac’s within the university mainly the Library and such. My thoughts immediately go to where could this be expanded and what are issues the users themselves have, simply knowing if a PC is free is not always enough cause it needs to be free but do what is required as such a system of filtration maybe allowing users to select requirements such as does PC have Photoshop on, it then displays these systems with the software installed and then if they are available or not. Also knowing a PC is free does not mean that by the time you get there it still is so maybe a remote booking system could be used maybe for a max of 10 mins to give people time to get to the machine before it is taken. This made me think ALOT about my project last year and the one I am doing for Industry and also for a planned proposal in near future involving mobile notification tools you may know it as the Linc-ON project.

Identifying which PC’s are on and connected is also a great help in regards to my audience aware project and if a working filter can be produced fr find me a pc then in theory this can be adapted for the audience system.

As part of my developer role I have to post updates and findings to IT department and here is a post I made today:


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