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Project Sense – What could have been

project sense

Whilst I am working on my dissertation one being Project Sense I thought I should dig out some files of what it could have been, i.e. some of the older concepts behind it and so let me begin. One idea was to have it play out like a survival horror game where each chamber was a test where part of you was limited however this was too dark and too much like saw also felt mildly offensive, something which I did not want the game to be. Another idea was to have the player pick out disabilities to solve puzzles with the only way out being to pick in selected orders however this felt like it was prioritising, ordering and otherwise making light of some conditions. The game is designed to raise awareness and is now a puzzle style first person game where you play as robot.

The version being developed for university work will only feature a handful of neurological and physiological conditions however it is my full intention to develop a fully fleshed out version that both raises awareness but also is fun and takes advantage of modern input control options such as the oculus rift.

The game will require some test candidates in the New Year with a Free copy being given out shortly after.

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